Jewelry turned into art, customized pieces.

Our lives' most important and meaningful events can be preserved over time. SAMARA JEWELRY helps you turn your feelings into a jewel.

Each piece is created and designed by implementing our knowledge and mastery on manifold smithery and jewelry. We turn noble materials into a story to be told because we understand that they are not just an accessory. Our creativity process is based on three main principles:

Each piece starts with a creative, personal and singular process. It happens when you imagine and let us know what you want to educe, what materials you want to, what you want to express; and what feelings you wish to arise on the person wearing that piece of jewelry and on the ones admiring it. During this stage we will guide and support you.

Now we take your ideas and capture them into our designs. Just like when a book is written, this is the moment we start to create the story you want to tell.

This is the moment when our jewelers work passionately and lovingly on every material. We use precious metals and gemstones so as to create elements that evoke beauty and artistic and visual sensitivity.

Accordingly, at SAMARA JEWELRY SAS we believe that remarkable moments can be preserved in a jewel.