Privacy Policy

I. About us

Contact information: SAMARA JEWELRY SAS, NIT 901.322.024, Address: Km 9 Anillo Vial,  Cartagena Colombia, Webstite:, Email Address:


  • Authorization: Refers to the expression of informed permission or approval by the account owner for SAMARA JEWELRY SAS, or its personnel manage his/her Personal Information.
  • Privacy Notice: It is an electronic document or in any other type of format issued by SAMARA JEWELRY SAS and made to an account owner stating the existence of Personal Information Management Policies. It describes how SAMARA JEWELRY SAS collects, uses, retains and discloses personal information. It also tells the account owner how to access the policies.
  • Data Base: They consist of an organized set of Personal Information to be managed. It includes physical and electronic files. The database belonging to SAMARA JEWELRY SAS are described in Section VI of these policies.
  • Personal Data: According to the Law 1582 of 2002, any information that can be related or associated with any individual who can be identified or identifiable.
  • Public data: Personal data that is considered to be public regarding the laws or the political constitution. Public data refers to the data related to the civil status of individuals, their profession or occupation, and their status as merchants or civil servants.
  • Account owner: An individual whose personal information is to be subject to Personal Information Management.
  • Management: Any action or set of actions carried out by SAMARA JEWELRY SAS or its Data Management personnel on Personal Information. These actions include the collection, storage, use, disclosure or deletion.
  • Transfer: Refers to the transmission of Personal Information to a recipient who is responsible for the Personal Information Management according to the law 1581 of 2012.
  • Sharing: refers to the transmission of Personal Information to the personnel tasked with Personal Information Management in Colombia or abroad in order to carry our Personal Information Processes on behalf of  SAMARA JEWELRY SAS.
II. Personal Information Management Actions
Personal information stored in our data bases will be managed in order to:
  • To perform all the activities needed to sign a contract for any of the products offered by SAMARA JEWELRY SAS regardless the other party acquired them. The activities also include the ones related to prior and subsequent stages of the contractual process. It is also associated with any business relation between SAMARA JEWELRY SAS and a third party or customer; and to comply with Colombian or foreign legal or administrative requirements.
  • To manage (requests, complaints or claims) proceedings, to carry out risk analysis, to implement customer satisfaction surveys regarding the company services and goods, as well as its partners.
  • To provide contact information and relevant documents for the sales force and or retail networks, telemarketing, marketing research, and any other third party the company has any contractual tie with.
  • To disclose, transfer or transmit my personal information to a third party within the country if required to perform a contract, comply to a legal request, or to implement cloud computing services.
  • To carry out technical service scheduling and delivery, sales, purchases, billing, payments management, product performance follow-up, debt collection management, business intelligence, marketing activities, advertisement, customer services enhancement, queries, control activities, payment methods enabling, and any other activity related to our current and future products; and to comply with contract requirements and the company's business goals. 
  • To deliver and receive goods or advertising materials according to the main activities’ requirements and the business lines sustainability.
  • To control and prevent any type of fraudulent activity.
III. Account owners’ rights
The account owners’ personal information that is registered in SAMARA JEWELRY SAS database have the following rights:
  • To know, update and correct their personal information. Account owners can exercise these rights in case their personal information is not complete or accurate; or when their personal information management is expressly prohibited or unauthorized.
  • To request a copy of the consent given to SAMARA JEWELRY SAS, unless it is not necessary for Personal Data Processing regarding what is stated in the Article 10, Law 1581 of 2012.
  • To be informed about how their Personal Information is being processed and used by SAMARA JEWELRY SAS, or the personnel tasked with Data Processing, if previously requested.
  • Regarding the article 15 Law 1581 of 2012, account owners can ask us to revoke their personal data process authorization; or to ask us to delete or remove their Personal Information in case our Personal Data Processing impacts constitutional rights, principles or guarantees; or at any time our account owners want to unless they have any contractual obligation to be in SAMARA JEWELRY SAS database; and taking into account the procedure stated in the fourth numbered paragraph of the current policy.
  • Once a month, to free access to the Personal Information being processed.  
IV. Queries and claims procedure
SAMARA JEWELRY SAS guarantees the right to consultation by providing all information to customers who wish to exercise it. They will be given all the information linked to the account owner’s identification.
The one tasked with handling claims in exercise of rights by the account owners will be the CUSTOMER SERVICE AREA or the department that plays this role.  There is a person who receives, processes and channels all requests received; and sends them to the respective department. Once the departments receive these requests, they should comply with the requirements of the personal data protection and they must process the account owner’s request. Therefore, it will have to be done in the terms, deadlines, conditions set out by the current regulations so as to exercise rights of access, consultation, amendment, updating, deletion and erasure regarding the current regulations on the personal data protection.
SAMARA JEWELRY SAS guarantees the electronic means of communication to process personal data consultation requests. The contact information to exercise these rights are: Address: Anillo Vial Cartagena Colombia. Website:    E-mail:
In any case, regardless the mechanism implemented for processing consultation requests, they will be answered within a maximum of fifteen (15) business days after we receive it.

If it is impossible to answer a consultation request within that period, the person concerned shall be informed before the 15-day period expires. Customers will be informed about the delay reasons and the consultation response date will be indicated. Under no circumstances it will exceed eight (8) business days after the first installment due date.

The requests for data updating, amendments, correction or deletion will be answered within fifteen (15) business days after we received it. If it is impossible to answer the requests within that period, the person concerned shall be informed before the expiration date. It will be answered about the delay reasons and the complaint response date will be indicated. Under no circumstances it will exceed eight (8) business days after the first installment due date.

Likewise, we guarantee the right to compensation to the databases for amendments, update or deletion, or when they notice an alleged failure to any of the duties contained in Law 1581 of 2012 and other applicable rules. The complaint will be handled under the following rules:

If the complaint received does not have the complete information that allows it to be processed such as: account’s owner identification, the complaint facts description, address along with the documents. It will be requested within five (5) days after we received it to overcome the fault findings. If Two (2) months after the requirement date and the requester has not submitted the required information, it will be understood that he/she has given the complaint up.

Special rules for the account owners to exercise rights: The amendment, updating, deletion and revocation request must be submitted through the means enabled by SAMARA JEWELRY SAS. They are mentioned in the privacy notice and in this document. It must include at least the following information: 

  • Name, account owner’s address, and main contact information such as telephone, cellphone, e-mail, home address to receive the answer.
  • Documents to prove the identity or its legal representative designation..
  • Clear and specific description of personal data regarding the account owners seeks to exercise his/her rights on.
  • Any other items or documents to enable the personal data tracking.

SAMARA JEWELRY SAS must amend and update the incomplete and inaccurate information at the account owner’s request. In accordance with the procedure described above and terms. The following will be taken into account:

SAMARA JEWELRY SAS is free to enable mechanisms that make it easier to exercise this right.

Data erasure: the account’s owners have the right at any time to request SAMARA JEWELRY SAS the personal data erasure (deletion) when:

They consider data are not being treated in accordance with the principles, duties and obligations provided for in Law 1581 of 2012.

They are no longer necessary or relevant to the purpose that they were collected.

If the necessary period to fulfill the goals they were collected for has expired.

This erasure implies the total or partial deletion of personal information as requested by the account’s owner in the records, files, databases or procedures done by SAMARA JEWELRY SAS. The account’s owner must notice that the cancellation right is not absolute and the responsible may deny the exercise of it when:

The information erasure request will not proceed when the account’s owner has a legal or contractual duty to remain in the database.

The data erasure impedes judicial or administrative proceedings linked to tax obligations, the crimes investigation and prosecution, or administrative sanctions updating.

The data are necessary to protect the account’s owner legally protected interests. To comply with action concerned as the public interest, or to fulfill a legal obligation acquired by the account’s owner.

In case the personal data deletion is applicable. SAMARA JEWELRY SAS must functionally make the erasure in such way that the process does not allow the information retrieval.

V. Personal Information to parties abroad
When Personal Information is to be shared with or transferred to a third party abroad, an authorization by the account owner is needed. Unless otherwise stated by the laws, it is a mandatory requirement to be fulfilled before disclosing personal information to a third party abroad.
Thus, the party compelled to comply with this policy must verify the account owner's authorization before disclosing personal information to an international third party.

The personal information transfer is done to third parties that have a contractual, business or legal tie to SAMARA JEWELRY SAS.

VI. Database identification and Expiration Period
Commercial Database:
  • Type of process: Data collection, update, retaining and personal information mixed transfer (manual and automated).
  • Goal: To send commercial messages, business projections, newsletters, advertising.
  • Validity period: SAMARA JEWELRY SAS validity period.
VII. Privacy policy
It is the document (electronic or paper-based) that contains the privacy notice. It is at the account owners’ disposal. It informs account owners about the existence of a policy for personal data protection, how to access to it and how personal information will be processed.
VIII. Dissemination and Contact
SAMARA JEWELRY SAS will implement means of information such as the Website as well as an email address in order to disseminate the current policy and the protocols that have been established to deal with requests related to the information provided.
IX. Validity 
The current policy is in effect from the moment it is issued. The database to be processed will remain valid in as long as it is necessary for the purposes set.
As a general rule, the authorizations on the personal information processing is understood to be valid for the time SAMARA JEWELRY SAS corporate purpose is being executed.