SAMARA, a handcrafted story.

We are a fine jewelry house from Cartagena de Indias. It is one of Colombia’s most representative cities; it has been declared World Heritage. Our story began in its colonial streets which full of love and passion; and it is here where fine jewelry techniques and the experience of highly-qualified Colombian smiths and jewelers get together.

We are proud of our indigenous ancestors’ smithery tradition. Our jewels are made through fine jewelry craftsmanship techniques so that each piece is one-of-a-kind breath-taking creation. We are specialized in emeralds settings. These gemstones are extracted from mountains located in Colombia. The extraction is undertaken by implementing the world's highest quality standards.

SAMARA JEWELRY is aware of corporate social responsibility. Therefore, we support sustainable mining. Our partners are companies that have modernized minerals and gems extraction processed.

We take care of every single detail. For our creations, we use noble metals such as gold and palladium, along with high-quality natural and synthetic materials. Each piece of jewelry has a history depicted through tasteful and elegant designs and unique beauty. They can be worn at any time regardless the occasion.

SAMARA JEWELRY - Shining Together! -.