Colombian Emeralds from the Andes mountains for the world


For our indigenous ancestors, Emeralds represent love and mysticism. Thus, this gem is full of mythological charm.  According to the legend, the great god Are created Fura (woman) and Tena (man). For centuries, they lived happily in a paradise located in Muzo mountains in los Andes. Once Fura met a young boy and they had a love affair; and Are punished her by making her grow old. Tena became aware of Fura’s sin and he decided to take his own life. Fura held her dad husband in her arms; when she was aware of her mistake she began to cry and her grieving tears turned into emeralds. Then, the water swept along the emeralds into the heart of Muzo mountains.

There are 4 main precious gems, namely emeralds, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The Colombian Emeralds are highly demanded in the jewelry market due to its beauty. Our gemstones are a symbol of quality and beauty. They are unique owing to the geological process that takes place in los Andes mountain range.

In most parts of the world, emeralds are the result of a metamorphic process undergone by the igneous rocks. However, in Colombia emeralds result from hydrothermal processes in which saline waters combine with evaporitic layers. This perfect combination result in big and intense green gemstones. They are also clearer than emeralds from other parts of the world.

In spite of its beauty, the history of Colombian Emeralds has been stained by war and greed. Nevertheless, such situation has changed in the last decade because the government and foreign investors have made efforts to modernize mining processes so that they are sustainable. The companies involved in this process are well known as pioneers in the legalization and modernization of mining and the international emerald trade market.  

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